Fungal Infections

February 26, 2012

Salon trip could lead to fungal infection

Salon trip could lead to fungal infection

Feb 23, 2012


You could end up in your doctor’s office with a fungal infection after getting a pedicure if your salon doesn’t clean its instruments properly.

Vera Occhipinti gets a pedicure every other month. This time when the dark red nail polish came off, her podiatrist found something she never expected.

“A slight fungus under the dark nail polish,” said Occhipinti.

While Occhipinti has no idea how she got the fungus, she says it easily could have come from her nail salon.

Dr Elena Cibula says Occhipinti is not alone.

The podiatrist has treated several patients with fungal and bacterial infections that came from dirty salon instruments like nail clippers, whirlpools, even the brush of the nail polish.

“If they use instrument one person that had fungus infection and do not disinfect it, it can spread,” said Cibula.

Under state law salons must follow strict guidelines when it comes to cleaning instruments.

Sheila Greer at Polished Nail Boutique says she sanitizes everything to keep anything from spreading.

NBC2 found dozens of inspection reports for salons in Lee and Collier counties that failed to comply with proper cleaning procedures.

We checked out one of those salons, Bohemia Beauty Salon in Naples. According to the report, there was no cleaning solution at all.

The owner didn’t want to go on camera, but says since the inspection they have hired a new nail technician who cleans everything between clients.

If you want to make sure your feet stay fungus-free you should always bring your own tools to the salon. You can also bring your own nail polish. Some places will even give you a discount.

Occhipinti will have to get pricey treatment to get rid of her fungus and make sure it doesn’t spread.

She says now she’ll think twice before getting her nails done.



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