Fungal Infections

February 13, 2012

Triple fungal infection in a patient with liver cirrhosis.

Triple fungal infection in a patient with liver cirrhosis.

Feb 2012

Alidjinou KMathieu DColombel JFFrançois NPoulain DSendid B.


Laboratoire de parasitologie-mycologie, Institut de microbiologie, Centre de biologie pathologie.


Keywords : triple fungal infection, Candida albicans, Aspergillus fumigatus, Pneumocystis jirovecci, liver cirrhosis

The prevalence of invasive mycoses is increasing, especially among patients who are immunocompromised or hospitalized with serious underlying diseases. Such infections are associated with a high morbidity and significant mortality, requiring early diagnosis and appropriate treatment but also an optimal prophylaxis in patients with high risk factors. We report a case of triple fungal infection including an invasive pulmonary aspergillosis by Aspergillus fumigatus, a candidemia by Candida albicans and a Pneumocystis pneumonia. The overall clinical picture of this patient was liver cirrhosis with medical history of immunosuppressive treatment for Crohn disease and a non-hodgkin lymphoma. There was no antifungal prophylaxis for this patient. Under treatment, the issue was unfavourable with multivisceral failure.

John Libbey Eurotext


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